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Is knob and tube wiring safe?

Surprisingly, according to the ESA it is acceptable providing certain conditions. It has lasted a hundred years. Unfortunately, the problems arise because of lack of maintenance, circuit overloading, and incorrect extensions of the knob and tube. Insurance companies have now reached the point where they will not renew insurance coverage on properties with knob and tube. InnoWave can come into your house and analyze your situation. We will either remove all the knob and tube in order for you to obtain insurance or complete maintenance to ensure the knob and tube are in good enough condition to continue using it.


What do I do if I have aluminum wiring?

Aluminum wiring is also still considered acceptable, but it requires maintenance and special procedures for making connections. Insurance coverage is getting more and more difficult as time goes on and in some cases, it may be better to remove all that is easily accessible. Innmowave can provide a quote on removal and rewiring.


How fast can Innowave respond to a call?

Innowave believes in achieving the highest level of satisfaction possible for all of its clients. Depending on your situation we will arrange a time to come and remedy your problems. For power outage situations, or safety concerns we will ensure we arrive promptly.


Do I need to have an electrical permit pulled?

The simple answer is YES. An electrical permit is required for any electrical work completed by a home owner, and for almost all electrical work completed by a licensed electrical contractor. There are many instances of unlicensed contractors convincing home owners that they do not need a permit. A permit should be considered as an implementation of safety for the home owner. It assures that a qualified electrician completed the work, the work was defined to be up to electrical code, and the work is documented. In the case of an electrical fire, insurance companies can choose not to cover a policy if undocumented electrical work was completed. This can be a very very expensive risk to take. Be safe, get a permit!


I have a Federal Pioneer, Zinsco Electrical Panel, or an outdated fuse panel, what should I do?

Both of these brands of electrical panels have inherent defects associated with the panel and Circuit breakers themselves. Neither panels are being manufactured anymore. You can obtain more information from If you have one of these panels, it may have worked effectively for many years, but one over current situation could cause disaster if it does not work to break the circuit through the proper operation of the circuit breakers. It is highly recommended to replace these panels as well as outdated Fuse panels to the new options available today. This also allows for increasing the safety of the home by adding arc-fault, and GFCI ciuit breakers. These new technologies are required in the new version of the OESC.


Is it a good investment for me to upgrade my lighting to LED as a home owner?

Absolutely! LED technology has come a long way in the last few years. With this prices have drastically been reduced. It now no longer makes sense to have any other lights operating in your house. Most LED boast a 70% reduction in energy costs over outdated technologies. They are also a more robust solution, reducing the chance for breakage. They are recyclable as they contain no mercury or other hazardous materials, keeping your home free from chemicals that have an adverse health effect